Who's On Site Pricing Options

Who's On Site FREE

Our free edition is available for immediate activation. Our setup fee is waived, and our generous limits mean you may never need to pay a penny.

Who's On Site STANDARD

Who's On Site Standard is our paid-for option, and including unlimited companies, unlimited employees and unlimited storage space for legal documents, photos and data. We charge a setup fee of £500, and an ongoing monthly charge of £49.


We advise all our customers to start with the FREE option. Once you've ensured the software is working well for your company, give us a call to upgrade. Our support team can usually upgrade your system well within 2 working days, and all existing data is transferred.

Alternative Payments

You can also pay for Who's On Site quarterly or yearly. Please call our sales team for the best rates.

Quick Contacts

Tel: +44 (0) 1909 512130
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