Product Features

Job Management

Job-specific Documentation

Who's On Site supports company and employee required documentation such as insurances, inductions and signed terms. Job specific documentation relates to documents required for a specific job type - such as Risk Assessments, Area Inductions and Method Statements.

These documents do not 'time-out' like company and employee documents, but are 'required'. Who's On Site then allows a user sign a contractor on to site, and if a specific job is selected, checks that the job documentation has been completed.

Cloud Storage

Who's On Site is online contractor management software, so your job documentation is stored in the cloud, and becomes available to anyone with access rights (set by your system administrator). This means a Hot Work certificate issued by an area manager is available both to security staff at the gatehouse, and to any other member of staff given access to this data.

Using Who's On Site to store documents also means you have a single storage location for all documents.